Diversity Recruiting: What's on Candidates' Minds?

We've collaborated with Talent Board and used proprietary research to help businesses understand what candidates from diverse backgrounds want to hear from organizations, and how Talent Attraction and Employer Branding leaders should adapt their communication across touchpoints for attracting diverse talent.

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Discover why you can not afford to miss out on the diversity talent pool

Every TA leader and HR recruiter appreciates that we are currently operating in a candidate-driven market. By 2020, employers in Europe and North America will require 16-18 million more college-educated workers than will be available. No wonder 76% of hiring managers claim attracting top talent is their greatest challenge.

So how do you increase your chances of securing quality talent when faced with a shrinking talent pool?

By casting a wider net.

To put this into action, you need to specifically focus on stepping up your diversity recruiting efforts. If you question whether there is a supply of diverse talent at all, then the following statistic should remove all doubt:

50% of US citizens born in 2014-2015 were of an ethnically diverse background.

Yet the acquisition of diverse talent is a challenge.

In efforts to unpick the challenge of diversity recruitment, we surveyed 200 Talent Attraction leaders who confirmed that they're losing diverse candidates early in the recruitment funnel - but, they’re unable to explain why. To find this out we surveyed 1,000 candidates and analysed the 25,000+ questions they asked prospective employers during the recruitment process. This revealed how they make up their mind on whether an employer is serious about diversity (spoiler alert! stats & photos alone won't cut it): 

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  • What specific questions do diverse candidates want answered, and in what format?
  • Where do candidates look for this information?
  • The best and worst practices that candidates have experienced.

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