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Elevate your careers pages and boost your employer brand

Unlock the value of your employee-candidate discussions to optimise your careers collateral with the content that applicants really care about.

Drive traffic to your site, boost your social media efforts, add value to your careers pages, and save time and money with high-value self-generated authentic content.

Search Engine Optimization

The platform automatically optimises all content for search engines, using the latest SEO intelligence.

Appearing higher in search rankings is great, but you want to make sure people move on to your site too. Authentic content and employee stories are rare and persuasive – far more likely to get candidates clicking than standard corporate messaging.

On average, 30% of traffic to the platform comes from search engine queries.


Social media content generator

The authenticity of your discussions makes them ideal for social media, where anything “real” stands out from a crowd choked with sales messages.

The platform is designed to effortlessly retrieve conversations and push them to your social channels, saving you hours and budget you’d otherwise spend planning and creating content.

Further uses

Enrich your job adverts with the most relevant insiders or discussions to separate your brand and immediately impress candidates with authentic content and the stories that get them interested.

Discussions also reveal what is most important to both candidates and employees, pinpointing where to focus your energies when creating recruitment and careers content and collateral.


Powered by data intelligence

PathMotion’s data intelligence identifies your most powerful content, based on objective data analysis, so you can always choose the most effective conversations to share.

Get more from every interaction

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