Data Intelligence and Analytics

We combine the persuasive stories and powerful Insider knowledge of your people with our data intelligence to deliver effective conversion results.

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The Power of Date


Discussions between candidates and employees contain a wealth of valuable information. We use data science, machine learning and AI to make sure this information can be extracted and used to maximise the value of your discussions and the content they generate.

Ambassador Empowerment

Data analysis allows us to match candidates to the employee ambassadors most likely to convince them, and helps you ensure your Insiders are addressing the topics candidates care most about.

We also show your Insiders how to write the most effective and persuasive stories, based on proprietary analysis of tens of thousands of discussions.

Talent Sourcer™ - Predictive Candidate Analysis

Talent Sourcer™ highlights the candidates exhibiting the most interest in joining your company, then automatically prompts further engagement with them.

Costigan™ - Candidate Data Analysis

Our Costigan™ tool identifies the issues each candidate cares most about to help in your SEO strategy, careers site messaging, and other employer branding campaigns.

Self-Generated Content Management

Our platform automatically selects the most effective and highly rated insider stories for you to publish as social media content, with no effort on your end.


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