Citi is a well-known international brand with great awareness across multiple regions, but the organisation still faces challenges as an employer.

  • The EMEA talent team needs to screen and manage a high volume of applications, many of which may not be relevant to the roles they are hiring for, with limited resources.
  • Additionally, the company faces a number of perception issues. For example, many candidates studying non-banking subjects don't know much about the industry aside from what they see in the media. And the sector is facing perception issues more broadly with women and minority groups. Changing the perception of highly qualified talent means generating a lot of content, a resource-intensive endeavour for a team trying to achieve more with less.
  • Citi has a global website managed by a different team, which the EMEA talent team does not have easy access to, which means they cannot easily change their corporate careers site to show what it’s like to work in their EMEA offices.




Conversion and Employer Branding 

  • Attract and convert highly qualified talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, who may not have previously considered working in the banking sector.  
  • Attract more, high-quality talent for harder to fill positions (e.g. non-banking roles like technology and international roles for the Warsaw office).

Candidate Experience

  • Ensure a great candidate experience by keeping candidates engaged. 


Process Efficiencies

  • Help candidates make more informed decisions about whether CIti is the right choice for them, deselecting out of the process if not, thus reducing the number of less relevant applications.
  • Make better use of the talent team's limited time (e.g. when attending career events).



Citi implemented the PathMotion platform in 2014, and in that time has created 1040 discussions per year on average, across 4 categories, and has run 102 Live Chats with 5,322 participating candidates.


1. Demonstrate Diversity with the PathMotion Platform

Citi case study - Solutions 1

  • 60 ambassadors ("Insiders") were recruited from a variety of backgrounds to represent the organisation and share stories with candidates.
  • The organisation's Insiders were also selected to represent harder-to-fill roles, with for example 6 coming from Technology positions and 3 from the Polish team.
  • These Insiders received training from PathMotion on how to respond to candidate questions and give relevant persuasive answers.


2. Create Highly Relevant Content

Citi Insider Reply

Questions on the discussion platform generated text & video content on a wide range of candidate issues not found on the corporate careers site, including:

  • 800+ on Career Choices
  • 200+ on Life at the Company
  • 600+ on application advice
  • 300+ on other topics


Live Chats (1,500+ participants) covered specific topics like:

  • “Meet the Team Citi Warsaw”
  • “Meet the Women at Citi”


3. Spread this content on all Recruitment Channels

Citi Case Study 3

Content generated on the platform through candidate-employee discussions and Live Chats was made visible across all recruitment channels:

  • Job Adverts: The platform was advertised in job posts and a hiring newsletter so candidates could read answers to questions prior to applying for roles.
  • A talent re-engagement tool automatically targets candidates with relevant content via email, generating a click-through rate of 21%.
  • Social media sharing: The talent team shares several discussions per week on their social media channels using the platform's Social Media Tool.
  • SEO: The platform is set up to optimise the discussion pages for search engine rankings.




In a 12-month period, Citi saw excellent results.

Better engagement of candidates with content:

  • Over 127,000 candidates visiting the platform
  • 1,700 candidates registered to receive re-engagement emails
  • 218 views per discussion on average
  • 6,000+ views on the most popular discussions
  • 5 discussions viewed per candidate on average
  • 16% click-through rate on content sent to re-engage candidates


Better employer branding:

  • 57,000+ platform users originated from SEO
  • 22,900+ platform users originated from social media
  • 77% of Live Chat users said their perception of the company improved
  • Most visited pages on the website includes the platform


Better candidate experience:

  • 41% candidate Net Promoter Score


Improved conversion:

  • 8,000+ clicks to application pages originated from the platform
  • 37% of Live Chat users click on 'Apply'


In early 2018, Citi also collaborated with PathMotion and Immersion Neuroscience on a study to show the impact that employee stories, as used on the platform, have on candidates. The study showed that employee stories are 20% more likely to persuade candidates to apply than a Citi's corporate careers site, as well as significantly less frustrating to use.

Citi Results Slide  

Don't take our word for it

Here's what Emma Britton, the EMEA Graduate Recruitment Marketing Manager for Citi had to say about the platform:

PathMotion_CITI_3Min _F


"PathMotion is ideal to demonstrate to non-finance degrees, LGBT, BAME and women that people like them already work here."

"Apart from the costs of traveling and organising events, there are also other benefits. One of the highlights was a live chat hosted by the LGBTQ group and we received positive feedback about it. Because not everyone would be comfortable coming to an event that was openly advertised as LGBTQ. Some people would be, but not everybody. So through live chats that are anonymous, we overcame that hesitation of coming to talk to us without any feeling of being exposed. So, we can reach out to people in a different way."

"Live chats are basically the same engagement we get on campus, but actually it is a lot easier for me to get people involved in this (live chats) than getting them on campus. One Investment Bank will turn up on campus, while ten can get here. So, it is the ability that they actually don’t have to travel. And the response to live chats is great! The answers are short but honest and real."

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