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What do candidates want to know about working in banking?

It’s about more than just salary - banks need to provide a wide range of information to graduates to attract the best and brightest. 

Discover what matters to graduates considering a career in banking 

Among banking students, the sector has dropped to 2nd place in attractiveness globally, while the Tech sector is on the rise. And according to research by Universum (2017), Banking ranks 7th in Preferred Industries for candidates across all degrees in the UK.

What's driving graduates away from the banking sector, and how can companies combat negative sector reputation to attract top talent?

We've drawn on the best research available, as well as data from our own platform, to create this 3-page visual guide to bridging the content gap for banking organisations. 

Download to learn:

  • What factors are affecting the decline in banking sector attractiveness globally and in the UK
  • What candidates considering a banking career want to know about your company
  • What kind of content to create for your careers and recruitment channels
  • What you can do now to improve your candidate experience as a banking organisation

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