Candidate engagement

96% of candidates want the opportunity to speak to employees, and we let them do just that. Candidate engagement is a proven strategy for talent attraction and retention. Employee stories persuade and create a human connection, while data intelligence and analysis ensure you get the most out of every discussion.

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Why Candidate Engagement

Stories are powerful, and positive engagement converts. Stories create a sense of emotional connection and empathy – they’re so much more persuasive than dry company facts.

It’s your employees who have the power to tell the stories that candidates care about, the personal accounts of what makes your firm unique, with the passion and conviction of experience.

"Thank you so much for your time today. Your advice and insight to the company really motivated me to get in!"

Seunghwan L., candidate

"Many thanks to both of you and the rest of the team for the great opportunity. Knowing more about your life at the company and your experiences is an invaluable career inspiration”

Dimitar K., candidate

"I was really impressed with the platform. The responses were quick. Overall - a very good experience!”

Justina B., candidate

Advantages for Candidates

Always-on Q&A

Candidates can leave questions for your employees at the time most convenient to them – 24/7. All discussions are available online for future candidates to browse and benefit from.

Events Platform

Schedule dedicated live online sessions between your staff and candidates. These promote deep discussion and create a sense of excitement and intimacy.


Keep your hires warm to reduce reneged offers. And help new starters find their feet by providing convenient access to the people best placed to answer their queries.

Internal Mobility

Attracting the best talent is only half the battle – retention is just as important. Connect staff considering a career move with other employees across your business to promote mobility from within, rather than outside your organisation.


Powered By Data Intelligence

For example, we match candidates to the employee ambassadors most likely to impress and convince them, highlight the most important topics to focus on, and show your employees how to write most effectively - based on analysis of tens of thousands of conversations

More About Data Intelligence
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