Storytelling for talent attraction: The leadership events debrief

120 HR leaders, 11 talent attraction and employer branding experts, and 1 neuro-economist and leading figure in the science of storytelling gathered in four cities around the world to attend our leadership event series in June 2018. We heard from organisations like Nestlé, AXA, Magellan Health, the NHS, and Deloitte, and a range of brilliant agency partners like ThirtyThree US, CKR Interactive, Tonic, and Epoka.

In addition to gathering 120 HR leaders from around the world, we conducted a survey to gather their insights, ideas, and opinions on storytelling for HR. 

100% of surveyed delegates believe storytelling is "important for their employer branding", of which, 87% consider it "very important".
However, whilst 71% of our leadership event attendees reported that they were already using storytelling in their recruitment and employer branding campaigns, 97% of these same people felt their organisation could do better.

How to use storytelling in your employer branding strategy

Download our full debrief of the global event series to learn the five key steps that talent attraction teams can take right now to boost their employer branding strategy with storytelling.

Also included in this debrief are the results from our survey, given to over 120 HR leaders in London, New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles.

Download the leadership events debrief now to learn how to get started with  storytelling for talent attraction this quarter.

With tips and takeaways from all four cities’ presenters, the debrief covers:

  1. How to tell persuasive stories - the five key features of good stories
  2. Different ways of telling stories with examples from our partners
  3. Practical tips for creating compelling story-driven content
  4. The best place to implement stories across the candidate journey - starting with the job description
  5. How to get internal stakeholder buy-in for employer branding and storytelling initiatives

Storytelling for talent attraction: How to improve your employer branding strategy this quarter

Bringing together the best advice from our global leadership events series and the results of our first-of-its-kind research on the impact of storytelling for employer branding, we outline five essential steps you can take right now to improve employer brand and drive talent attraction with storytelling.