New ebook: The Truth About Candidate Experience

Recruitment is currently a candidate’s market, and, as the continued evolution of the digital generation drives change throughout the business world, HR departments are under constant pressure to adapt.  

Social media platforms continue to thrive, and workplace review sites are gaining traction all the time. One bad write-up can negatively impact a company’s employer brand and dissuade promising talent, while a positive candidate evaluation has the potential to encourage more candidates to apply and even improve wider company reputation. It’s clear that in today’s business environment, companies need to ensure that they are providing candidates with a positive and valuable experience at every step of the application process.

The question now is how to achieve this.

In our new guide “Content is King – Human is Ace: The Truth About Candidate Experience”, we draw upon the best research available and, for the first time, reveal the results of our own recent candidate experience survey to bring clarity to the debate and reveal a clear path to improve candidate experience.

 To provide an exceptional candidate experience to attract the best talent and  enhance the quality of your hires - download our free guide 'Content is King -  Human is Ace: The Truth About the Candidate Experience.'

The Content Gap and Why It Matters

We recently surveyed candidates about the aspects of candidate experience they value most during the hiring process and found that, by some margin, the ability to gain sufficient information about both the role at hand and the wider workplace was the key consideration. 

This correlates to research by CEB Global, who found that candidates find 80% of the information they use to evaluate a hiring organisation from external sources. If they cannot easily access the information they seek from your own resources, candidates will soon look elsewhere. Eliminating this 'content gap' and delivering relevant information about both the role and the wider reality of working at your company is key to a positive candidate experience and can return a measure of control over your employer brand. 

A key question for talent attraction and employer branding teams should be how to close the content gap to improve candidate experience, without straining budgets or disproportionally diverting energy from other priorities.

How to Improve Candidate Experience

It’s not hard to find information and advice on candidate experience, but much is based upon conjecture or opinion. In our guide, we redress this information imbalance by pairing the results of our proprietary candidate survey with a range of research from reputable sources. We also discuss ways to maximise the value of a social media recruitment strategy, outline methods of creating an outstanding candidate engagement policy, and deliver insight to bridge the content gap for candidates, and improve the quality of hires. 

To discover the truth behind candidate experience, including tips on how to create the ideal conditions for candidates and why it's important to communicate effectively with today's prospective employees, download our new guide for free.

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