Candidate Experience in 2018: The Leadership Breakfast Debrief

In February 2018, we hosted a series of three leadership breakfasts in New York, Paris, and London, where 50+ HR Leaders discussed and shared insights about candidate experience in personal discussion sessions. 

The Leadership Breakfast Series

Each quarter, we invite HR leaders from different industries to join us for short presentations on themes such as Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, or Storytelling, followed by a roundtable discussion. Our February 2018 series focused on Candidate Experience and featured talks from EY, Verizon, and BPCE, among other presenters. We had delegates from Nike, Mars, Santander, Siemens, and Lazard - to name a few.

At our events, we asked 50+ HR leaders how much impact they think candidate experience has on their company’s employer brand. 83% said that it had a significant or material impact, and 73% of candidates surveyed in our proprietary research said that providing sufficient information about the role and the company is key to driving good candidate experience. 


The 2018 Candidate Experience Debrief

Together with our own analysis of broader market research, the results of our candidate experience survey of over 300 candidates, and the activity of over 1M candidates on the PathMotion platform, we’ve created this breakdown of what you need to know about candidate experience.

Download the debrief to learn:

  1. The results of our HR leadership survey, conducted in Paris, New York, and London
  2. How to create content that addresses your company's content gap
  3. Clear, concrete types of content you can create to improve candidate experience NOW
  4. How to create engaging, effective video content for social media and your careers site
  5. About the innovative initiatives companies across a range of sectors are running to improve their candidate experience


Download the Candidate Experience Debrief

Bringing together proprietary research, market research, and the highlights from our Leadership Breakfast series - this is everything you need to know about Candidate Experience in 2018.