What do applicants want to know about the university they research?

What do applicants want to know about the university they research?

To attract the best and the brightest, it takes more than a prestigious name and good reputation. 

DIscover what matters to applicants deciding which university to attend 

Since 2013, there has been a drop of 24% in students who say their academic experience is better than they expected in terms of value of tuition fees paid. And a further 13% say their experience is worse value than expected.

What's driving this shift in perception, and how can universities attract the best and brightest students in an increasingly competitive, and more business-like market?

We've drawn on the best research available, as well as data from our own platform, to create this 3-page visual guide to bridging the content gap for universities. 

Download to learn:

  • The factors driving the decreased perception of value among university students
  • What students prioritise when choosing a university
  • What kind of content universities should create to address the concerns of modern students
  • What you can do now to improve your candidate experience as a university
  • What a real university applicant journey looks like

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