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Candidate Engagement

Authentic stories to attract the best and brightest

Put yourself ahead of the pack to capture the hearts and minds of prospective students. Our discussion platform lets your students share authentic stories that grab - and keep - the attention of the very best of the year's intake.

What's so great about applicant Experience?

Your current students can paint a picture of university life that applicants can see themselves in. Their authentic stories are so much more stirring than dry university facts or statistics.

Student stories and searchable discussions help you attract and convert the best and highest-paying students, amplify your brand, and meet broader targets such as those for overseas students and diversity.

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Why PathMotion?

Our discussion platform brings your students and our data intelligence together to create powerful and memorable interactions for your applicants. And with inspiration taken from social media, it's familiar, fun, and intuitive to use.

Proven ROI

PathMotion converts. Our clients enjoy significant improvements in their conversion rates and savings in their talent attraction efforts.

Trusted Market Leader

Our discussion platform is already trusted by over 50 clients across Europe and the USA, including a growing number of universities.

Widens Reach

Don’t let great applicants “slip through the cracks” – keep those who cannot attend on-campus events engaged and excited by your university experience.

Great Ways to Engage

With always-on, searchable Q&A, live chat events, and onboarding, PathMotion makes it easy for applicants to access the answers to their most burning questions.

Brand Optimiser

Boost your brand with self- generating external applications content. The platform automatically optimises for SEO and can push your best content to your social media channels.

Data Intelligence

Derive further value from every interaction and discussion with embedded data intelligence that helps you target the best applicants with the best content.

How Does It Work

Results that Speak for Themselves

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"Thank you so much for your time today. Your advice and insight to the organisation really motivated me to get in!"


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