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We have a simple mission: to help organisations attract and convert the right talent and help candidates make better informed decisions about their career or education.

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Our Story


PathMotion was born when we discovered that the best way to decide which organisation to work or study at is by speaking to an “Insider" of these organisations.

One of us chose his first company, and the other his university, after getting an inspirational call from someone at these organisations who shared their stories with us: 

“I lived in Germany, Mexico and the USA during my graduate programme” 

“I was taught by a former White House official” 

Realising that these interactions were priceless, we wondered: how can all candidates access authentic stories, which are far more persuasive than facts or rankings, directly from Insiders who are an organisation's biggest recruitment asset?

We created a software platform that lets candidates access both. The two Insiders who, back then, made the difference in our decisions, became our seed investors.

With PathMotion, candidates can interact with your employee or student in a way that's convenient and enjoyable for both, while you save time and money on recruitment and bring the best people on board.


Today we're the pioneer and leading provider of employee-to-candidate software, with clients in all sectors and markets across Europe and the USA. We're trusted by the likes of Deloitte, McDonalds, Citigroup, Nestle, Airbus, and KPMG, and we're honoured to have won numerous awards, both for our technology and our achievements in partnership with our clients.

Millennials and Gen Zs are hungry for better information, and value anything that is authentic and self-generated when making choices.

We believe every organisation should have the proper means to spread great stories of what makes them unique.

Our Platform

Our software enables candidates to engage with current employees to access the exact information they seek, in the form of an impactful, authentic story.

We complement our candidate engagement features with valuable self-generating content that can be used for your social media or recruitment channels, and powerful data intelligence to ensure you successfully engage with the right candidates.

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