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Nothing impresses prospective hires like positive interactions with existing employees. Whether you're a business seeking the best candidates or a university looking to secure the best and the brightest, our candidate experience platform creates a powerful impression.

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Used by businesses and universities across Europe and the US, our discussion platform brings your employees and our data intelligence together to create powerful and memorable interactions. And with inspiration taken from social media, it's familiar, fun, and intuitive to use.


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Results That Speak For ThemselVES

of hires say
the platform affected their decision to accept the offer
of platform users
said it improved their perception of the firm
of hires
who used the platform would recommend using it
less time
answering candidate queries to HR team
"Through the stories of real-life people the platform gives candidates a unique way to understand the culture of the NHS and make an informed decision on their application."

Rob Farace

"PathMotion is ideal to demonstrate to non-finance degrees, LGBT, BAME and women that people like them already work here"

Emma Britton

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